2015.11 Open Studio, Practice, NYC
3 January 2017

Ayo Studio, Oct 29 – 31, 2015
111 Eldridge, NY

In his two months stay in PRACTICE, he was working on his experience of being in the Arctic Residency he participated in June 2015. During which he lost the entirety of his equipment and video footage in Stockholm due to a serious robbery, He recognized the failure of his art project as part of the regional history in the Arctic Circle, and decided to make a new work from this experience. In this new work which titled “The seals are shedding their coats”, he made a fake June diary by collaging texts from more than thirty diaries, wrote by those “failed” arctic voyagers in the nine-tenth and early twentieth century. Through remixing the texts and images, he represents his 21-century failed adventure stories through the use of the writing of forgotten historical figures.
Apart from identifying himself as part of the failure history in the Arctic Circle. His research about the arctic history also leads him to the largest science/anthropology institution in the world, the American Museum of Natural History. During his stay in PRACTICE, he visited the museum several times and made a series of photographs about an anonymous head in the Eastern Woodland Indians Hall, in which thirty-nine sculpture heads were presented, showing costumes from different tribal culture and genders, but all of the heads were casted from one single mold.

Work present in the PRACTICE:

*KITIWAKE, video installation, 7’44”
*The seals are shedding their coats, text from different expeditioner in nineteenth and early twentieth century, 65 pages.
*Anonymous Head(s) in the Hall of Eastern Woodland Indians of the American Museum of Natural History, book, 98 pages.
*Photo and Archive on site installation.

    2015-11-21 石婧宇 美国中文电视英文频道

Photos by PRACTICE