On Top of National Anthem | 覆蓋國歌
9 November 2015


On Top of National Anthem (Postponement of National Anthem), 6:00-6:02AM, Nov 9, 2015, Honda, Colombia
sound documentation, 3’49”


This is a documentation of an art project in Honda, Tolima, Colombia, from 6:00 to 6:02AM, on November 9th 2015.
In Colombia, it is written in the law that National Anthem has to be played at 6AM through radio. I asked the only local radio station, FM 90.5 OLIMPICA, to replace Colombia National Anthem by a sound I record. The sound was coming from a terra nullius in Honda mountain, in between the land of guerrilla, paramilitary and local government. They approved my request, but different from the proposal, the radio station started to broadcast the National Anthem from 6:02 AM.