2016.05 The Seals Are Shedding Their Coats, Practice, NYC
3 January 2017

111 Eldridge, NY


*我看見三隻藍鯨潛入海中,2015年六月二十五日,斯瓦堡德,國王灣。美國郵政總局訂製郵票,快捷,47美分。5.3 x 3.3 cm,2016
*摸一下二角五分(一),化石,基座,20 x 20 x 18 cm,2016

The Seals Are Shedding Their Coats
111 Eldridge, NY

In the Summer of 2015, Ayo visited the arctic circle and got robbed during the trip. What remains were very few video clips and objects. The only existing proof was a police report archived and provided by Swedish Police Authority. The exhibition “The Seals Are Shedding Their Coats” began from here. Within the remaining materials, the relationship between real and fictional, images and text are constantly shifting, which becomes a re-examination for his perception of the experience rather than a linear way of narrating the external world, shifting his focus from “eternity” to “time, turning his story into an underway thoughts of now. The distance between these “re-told” works and the original plan, also reveals in the installation of the space and how audiences will experience it – the shift within is not only physical, or expeditionary, it is also from the switch of the stories in different time and spaces, as well as the digression while the artist maneuvering audiences’ percipience from their usual habit. This exhibition comprise different piece of works, but the exhibition itself was considered as a complete and independent work.

*Untitled (Chasing Arctic Tern), Color HD video, 3’36”, 2016
*File Number: 5000-K669841-15, Archive files (10 pieces), telescope, dimensions variable
*I saw three blue whales dive in the ocean, June, 25th, 2015, Kings Bay, Svalbard. Customized stamp from USPS, first priority mail, 47 cents 5.3 x 3.3 cm, 2016
*Touch The Fossil……25¢(I), Fossil, plinth 20 x 20 x 18 cm, 2016
*Touch The Fossil……25¢(II), Text, performance, recording, 18’
*The Seals Are Shedding Their Coats, Archive, 36 photographs,, 73pages, 14x20cm

Photo Credit: Zheng Yuan(鄭源)